Jenny Aldrich Presents

Their vision inspired the world



Bring these American artists to life for your audience, presenting their ideas, their work, their lives — in their own words.

Combining her theatrical experience with extensive research and her love of art, Jenny Aldrich portrays five amazing women who address your audience--largely in each woman’s own words--describing the people and events that shaped their lives and their art. These unique programs have been presented at museums, colleges, libraries, and art and social organizations.

Put Jenny Aldrich on your activity calendar -- your members will thank you for it!

“Making an American genius come to life ... is an unforgettable event. It adds to the lustre of the Corcoran to proudly proclaim that the artistry of Jenny Aldrich also graced its halls.”

—Douglas Rosenbaum, President, Friends of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington DC


“Brings great women of the 20th century back to life—if only for a few hours.”

—The Washington Post


“With many thanks and appreciation for her outstanding performance ...”

—Wilhelmina Holladay, President, National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington D.C.

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