Jenny Aldrich Presents

Mary Cassatt tells it all:

A Circle of Artists

Lilla Cabot Perry

Eva Gonzalez

Mary Macmonnies

Cecilia Beaux

Marie Bracquemond

Rosa Bonheur

Berthe Morisot

Elizabeth Gardner

Meet the Cassatt who recovered from her illness, who became a feminist, who lectured young female art students. Mary Cassatt would not consider herself a “woman artist.” She was a critically and financially successful artist who exhibited with the most radical artists of her time. After World War I, she became active in the feminist cause. Feisty, irreverent and willing to sever her family ties for her beliefs, Cassatt presents other women artists — women before her time, like Sofonisba Anguissola, women she knew and admired like Berthe Morisot, women whose work she didn’t respect like Cecilia Beaux, and women whose work she didn’t understand like Veladon. She presents their work, their lives, their dedication. She shares the insights, struggles, and successes they had as prominent artists of their time.



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