Jenny Aldrich Presents

Anne Morrow Lindbergh

An Extraordinary Life

Anne Morrow Lindbergh An Extraordinary Life

Jenny Aldrich as Anne Morrow LindberghAnne Morrow Lindbergh was the author of thirteen books, an aviation pioneer, and a feminist. Coming from a quiet, sheltered, family life devoted to education and literature, her marriage to Charles Lindbergh thrust her into a world of action and celebrity.


This program is set in 1975, and Anne has come to speak to your group on the occasion of the 20th anniversary edition of Gift From the Sea, originally published in 1955. Anne will share her Hour of Gold, the joy of flying with Charles and the exhilarating, exhausting flight to the Orient which was ended by the numbing tragedy of the kidnapping, her Hour of Lead. She explains and defends Charles’s stand with America First and their joint dedication to saving the environment. She illuminates the life that gave her the wisdom to write Gift From the Sea, which — now fifty-five years later — is still widely acclaimed.


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